TreeHouse Staff 8 Guiding Principles The BloomTree Partnership

The TreeHouse Team is made up of mentors with incredible personal and professional experience.

Our goal is to help each student connect with their recovery, education and their path.

Molly McGinn, PhD

Managing Partner


Dr. Molly McGinn is a learning specialist who has owned her own consultancy for 17 years. She designs and facilitates leadership and management skills training programs for global companies. As an independent contractor she serves as Senior Designer and facilitator for the Forum Corporation in Boston and Advanced Consulting.

Molly has been a thought leader in the field of corporate leadership development. She collaborated with Michael Watkins at the Harvard Business School to roll out “The First 90 Days” a training program for leaders in new roles. She is a three-time recipient of Forum’s Chairman’s Award for excellence in client service and contribution to the field of leadership development.

Molly holds a M.A. and Ph.D. from UCLA in Cultural Anthropology. She conducted original research on conflict resolution and long-term sustainability of communities in monasteries in Japan and Tibet. She taught at the Academy of Science in Sichuan Province in China for two years. She is fluent in Mandarin, Japanese, Spanish and English.

Molly’s passion is travel, physical exercise…especially hiking, intellectually stimulating conversations and making cat toys.

According to the TreeHouse Community, the best thing about Molly is…

…her keen wit and sense of humor, her gift for high level orchestration and her strong presence.

…you can go in to talk to Molly about one small thing and the next minute you realize it’s been an hour and you've both come up with new ways to change the world.

…she thinks on a global scale, which is always inspiring.

Susan Adams


A producer/writer of stage, television and film for over 20 years, Susan Adams produced a number of the 21st century’s most influential artists including Bill Cosby, Sammy Davis, Jr. and Whoopi Goldberg.  Her early years in television as News Producer exposed her to social justice issues and human suffering and as a result, she was permanently molded into an activist and community organizer. In partnership with appointed and elected officials and Hollywood celebrities, she worked on numerous human rights initiatives in Los Angeles, the U.S. and abroad.

After moving to Prescott in 1994, she devoted her life to community leadership. In 1996, Yavapai College and the Yavapai County Board of Supervisors partnered to hire her as Director of The Leadership Center with the mission to “build healthier communities by encouraging people to participate in government and design their own future with sustainable economic development and stewardship of resources.”

Ms. Adams has studied with Marion Woodman, Jungian Analyst since 2000. She is a former President of the Marion Woodman Foundation. Since publishing her groundbreaking book “Addiction to Perfection” in 1982, Ms. Woodman has become an internationally recognized leader in the field of addiction.

Elizabeth Athens

Academic Director

Liz Athens Received her B.A. in Human Development from Prescott College and her M.S.W. from Arizona State University. She then embarked in a career in the addiction treatment field, working clinically in all the environments one tends to find people with substance use issues; residential and outpatient centers, jails and prisons, hospitals, and in the court system.

The academic world soon called, and Liz began to teach practice-oriented courses to both undergraduate and graduate level students in the School of Social Work at Arizona State University. This opportunity allowed Liz to bridge her two loves; academics and working with people in recovery. Teaching new classes of students how to understand and address the complex needs of those with substance use disorders is a passion that she takes seriously. Conversely, bringing people in recovery (like TreeHouse students) into her classroom to lend their expertise has consistently been the highlight of many social work students classroom experience.

Liz’s job at TreeHouse Learning Community is to inspire students to be excited about their learning. By bringing outside supports into students lives to help them in their academic pursuits, or simply trouble-shooting challenges as they arise, Liz can help navigate and support the sometimes rocky re-entry to an academic environment for our students in recovery. Liz gets most excited when students surpass their own expectations in the classroom, and in their lives.

Liz’s passion is being outside-hiking, gardening, swimming. She also is a world-class doodler.

According to the TreeHouse Community, the best thing about Elizabeth is…

…nothing makes Liz happier than seeing people pursue their education. Her enthusiasm is enough to carry them through the initial fear of getting started. Liz also takes the best pictures of her cat, Nelson, in kitty yoga poses.

Sam Larson

Academic Coordinator

I battled with addiction throughout my teenage years, and by the time I was twenty years old, I felt as though my life was over. Contrary to this delusion, looking back I can see that it truly had just begun. I sought companionship and community from individuals who had my same goals: develop and sustain a meaningful life in recovery.

I had always valued education, but felt I lacked the tools necessary to be successful. Because of this, I took several semesters off in order to gather my bearings and solidify a plan of action. I had no idea places like TreeHouse existed. After completing my coursework in Maricopa Community Colleges in the Phoenix valley of Arizona, I entered the Bachelors of Secondary Education (BAE) at Arizona State University. I am overjoyed to be a student in this miraculous program that is showing me how to be an effective, encouraging guide in the lives of students.
The moment I became acquainted and understood what TreeHouse Learning

Community strives to do, I immediately sought opportunities to join their team of dedicated individuals. It brings me immense joy to be a member of a community that welcomes students warmly, teaches them new strategies for living, and leaves them feeling confident going forward in their lives.

Joseph Casillas

Program Coordinator

My name is Joseph Casillas and I am currently a student at Arizona State University. In December I will graduate with a BA in Global Health and plan to continue my education by pursuing a doctoral program in Epidemiology, with a focus on addiction treatment methodologies and public health policy.

I struggled with addiction for over 8 years and experienced many of the horrors that are common to many of those afflicted with addiction. I arrived at a local sober living community homeless, destitute, shaking, lost, and on the verge of death. With no other option, I slowly took direction from mentors and devoted myself toward helping others. Within 2 years, I became manager of the facility that saved my life, was certified as a Behavioral Health Technician and Peer Support Specialist, became a part of the Treehouse Community, and completed the degree that I had started over 10 years ago. Today, I have the opportunity to work with alcoholics and addicts on a daily basis; helping them navigate through the struggles of early recovery and to realize their purpose in life.

Nico Tierney

Student Life Coordinator

My name is Nick Tierney. I completed a wilderness therapy program in Utah, and began my journey with TreeHouse Learning Community in 2013. I was referred to TreeHouse to strengthen my recovery and achieve my educational goal of earning a college degree. After 8 years of suffering from addiction and alcoholism, I deemed my aspirations impossible. The skilled staff at TreeHouse were very helpful in my pursuit to pave the way for a new life. The staff and I worked hard in making my dreams a reality. With time and effort, I earned my college degree in Graphic Design. This was an outstanding feat for a 25-year old addict/alcoholic.

I joined the TreeHouse team in 2015. As a Student Life Coordinator, I enjoy helping students achieve goals similar to the ones I had at TreeHouse. I see students gain life skills, excel in classes, and enjoy a sober life. Watching students work hard to create a new life for themselves is the most rewarding part of my job.