TreeHouse Team 8 Guiding Principles The BloomTree Partnership

The TreeHouse Team is made up of mentors with incredible personal and professional experience.

Our goal is to help each student connect with their recovery, education and their path.

Molly McGinn, PhD

Managing Partner and Co-Founder


Dr. Molly McGinn is the Managing Partner and Co-Founder for TreeHouse.

Molly McGinn is a learning specialist who has owned her own consultancy for 17 years. She designs and facilitates leadership and management skills training programs for global companies. As an independent contractor she serves as Senior Designer and facilitator for the Forum Corporation in Boston and Advanced Consulting.

Molly has been a thought leader in the field of corporate leadership development. She collaborated with Michael Watkins at the Harvard Business School to roll out “The First 90 Days” a training program for leaders in new roles. She is a three-time recipient of Forum’s Chairman’s Award for excellence in client service and contribution to the field of leadership development.

Molly holds a M.A. and Ph.D. from UCLA in Cultural Anthropology. She conducted original research on conflict resolution and long-term sustainability of communities in monasteries in Japan and Tibet. She taught at the Academy of Science in Sichuan Province in China for two years. She is fluent in Mandarin, Japanese, Spanish and English.

Molly’s passion is travel, physical exercise…especially hiking, intellectually stimulating conversations and making cat toys.

According to the TreeHouse Community, the best thing about Molly is…

…her keen wit and sense of humor, her gift for high level orchestration and her strong presence.

…you can go in to talk to Molly about one small thing and the next minute you realize it’s been an hour and you've both come up with new ways to change the world.

…she thinks on a global scale, which is always inspiring.

Susan Adams

Managing Partner

Susan Adams is a Managing Partner for TreeHouse.

A producer/writer of stage, television and film for over 20 years, Susan produced a number of the 21st century’s most influential artists including Bill Cosby, Sammy Davis, Jr. and Whoopi Goldberg. Her early years in television as News Producer exposed her to social justice issues and human suffering and as a result, she was permanently molded into an activist and community organizer. In partnership with appointed and elected officials and Hollywood celebrities, she worked on numerous human rights initiatives in Los Angeles, the U.S. and abroad.

After moving to Prescott in 1994, Susan devoted her life to community leadership. In 1996, Yavapai College and the Yavapai County Board of Supervisors partnered to hire her as Director of The Leadership Center with the mission to “build healthier communities by encouraging people to participate in government and design their own future with sustainable economic development and stewardship of resources.”

Susan has studied with Marion Woodman, Jungian Analyst since 2000. She is a former President of the Marion Woodman Foundation. Since publishing her groundbreaking book “Addiction to Perfection” in 1982, Ms. Woodman has become an internationally recognized leader in the field of addiction.

Elizabeth Athens

Academic Director

Liz Athens Received her B.A. in Human Development from Prescott College and her M.S.W. from Arizona State University. She then embarked in a career in the addiction treatment field, working clinically in all the environments one tends to find people with substance use issues; residential and outpatient centers, jails and prisons, hospitals, and in the court system.

The academic world soon called, and Liz began to teach practice-oriented courses to both undergraduate and graduate level students in the School of Social Work at Arizona State University. This opportunity allowed Liz to bridge her two loves; academics and working with people in recovery. Teaching new classes of students how to understand and address the complex needs of those with substance use disorders is a passion that she takes seriously. Conversely, bringing people in recovery (like TreeHouse students) into her classroom to lend their expertise has consistently been the highlight of many social work students classroom experience.

Liz’s job at TreeHouse Learning Community is to inspire students to be excited about their learning. By bringing outside supports into students lives to help them in their academic pursuits, or simply trouble-shooting challenges as they arise, Liz can help navigate and support the sometimes rocky re-entry to an academic environment for our students in recovery. Liz gets most excited when students surpass their own expectations in the classroom, and in their lives.

Liz’s passion is being outside-hiking, gardening, swimming. She also is a world-class doodler.

According to the TreeHouse Community, the best thing about Elizabeth is…

…nothing makes Liz happier than seeing people pursue their education. Her enthusiasm is enough to carry them through the initial fear of getting started. Liz also takes the best pictures of her cat, Nelson, in kitty yoga poses.

Celeste Holly


Celeste Holly is our Manager for TreeHouse in Prescott. Celeste came to us with 38 years of sobriety and has worked for decades with young people recovering from addictions of all kinds. Currently, along with managing TreeHouse, Celeste teaches yoga and art therapy to those in recovery. TreeHouse is a perfect fit for her organizational skills and passion for working with recovering young people who want to go back to school. Celeste loves being a part of our TreeHouse team, building community and supporting learning of all kinds.

Celeste is a native of Wisconsin, who relocated to Prescott, AZ in 2014. Celeste is married and has four children, three of which are in recovery, providing a resource for parents of our students here at TreeHouse. Celeste has worked as an EMT, Medical Assistant, Dental Assistant and was employed as an Academic Records Assistant at Lawrence University in the Registrar’s office for 14 years. Celeste has served as the president of the PTA, she was a board member and board president for her church, and she worked as a volunteer helping young people with their reading skills.

Stephen Gittins

Academic On-boarding Specialist

Stephen is the Academic On-boarding Specialist for TreeHouse in Tempe. When Stephen learned about Treehouse, and the services we provide, he felt a strong desire to be part of our mission to help students in recovery with their educational goals.

Stephen is from Wales in the United Kingdom, which is where he completed a Bachelors degree in Documentary Photography. In 2008 Stephen moved to Arizona to study a Masters of Fine Arts at Arizona State University. During his time at ASU, Stephen fused his previous career and skills as a carpenter with a lifelong passion for image making.

Stephen has been engaged with the recovery community for over 14 years and is also a teacher at Maricopa Community Colleges. Stephen has a passion for the human spirit and an inherent skill to nurture personal growth in both education and recovery. This ability to guide others has been honed through countless hours of study and many years of life experience.

“In my position as Academic On-boarding Specialist, I engage with the student, recognize their personal educational needs, and build a trusting relationship. I also assist the student with identification of college pathways and locating the right program and school that best suit their potential.”


Lindsay Nichols

Academic Coordinator

Lindsay is the Academic Coordinator for TreeHouse in Prescott. Lindsay started working at TreeHouse in the Spring of 2017 and currently works with all Residential and Coaching Students. Lindsay worked in the recovery field for over a year before joining our team. Lindsay had always wanted to be a part of the Community at TreeHouse because of the principles that are applied to this program. The compassion and love that is brought into the work we do here, makes TreeHouse a special place.

Lindsay moved to Prescott in 2014 to start her journey in recovery after attending an inpatient facility for drug and alcohol addiction in Wisconsin. Lindsay is currently enrolled in school at Yavapai College and is working towards earning a degree in Social Work from NAU. Lindsay thinks there is no greater feeling than helping others and she knows that this is the career path for her. During her free time Lindsay enjoys hiking with her fiancé and her dog named Bailey.

Sam Larsen

Academic Coordinator

Sam is the Academic Coordinator for TreeHouse in Tempe. The moment Sam became acquainted and understood what TreeHouse Learning Community strives to do, he immediately sought the opportunity to join our team of dedicated individuals. It brings Sam immense joy to be a member of a community that welcomes students warmly, teaches them new strategies for living, and leaves them feeling confident going forward in their lives.

Sam has always valued education, but felt he lacked the tools necessary to be successful. Because of this, Sam took several semesters off in order to gather his bearings and solidify a plan of action. Other people his age seemed successful, but he needed a community of supportive individuals to guide him. Sam had no idea places like TreeHouse existed. After completing his coursework in Maricopa Community Colleges in Phoenix, Sam entered the Bachelors of Secondary Education (BAE) program at Arizona State University. Sam is overjoyed to be a student in this miraculous program that is showing him how to be an effective, encouraging guide in the lives of students.

Kevin Brown

Program Coordinator and Recovery Mentor

Kevin is the Program Coordinator and Recovery Mentor at TreeHouse in Prescott. Kevin first met Molly and our team while he was at a training class for House Management. As Kevin got to know the team and get a better understanding of the TreeHouse program, he realized he had a strong desire to join us and to be of service to others.

Kevin is from New York and was an all-star quarterback in football. Kevin’s dreams were short lived after an injury his senior year. This injury caused his like to spiral out of control. He eventually started working the steps of AA in Prescott. Kevin has a passion for working with individuals in need through his experience and AA. TreeHouse has given Kevin the tools and the confidence to get himself back into school and work with like-minded individuals who all want to strive in this thing called “Life”. Kevin continues to grow in his recovery while working at TreeHouse, and is currently enrolled at Yavapai College seeking a nursing degree.

Kevin loves his job because he is passionate about recovery and being surrounded in such an inspiring environment. Kevin finds great fulfillment in sharing his love of nature with students by outdoor activities. Through Kevin’s experiences, he wants to show students fun in recovery by challenging themselves physically and mentally.

Erica Alessi

Administrative Coordinator

Erica is the Administrative Coordinator for TreeHouse in Prescott. Erica started as a coaching student at TreeHouse, but we felt she was a great fit to our team. Erica essentially keeps the office organized and fully stocked with everything the staff and students need to be successful. Erica also assists Lindsay, our Academic Coordinator, in the on-boarding of new students and the academic support of current students.

After becoming stable in her recovery, Erica decided she wanted to go back to school. Erica was nervous to start school on her own because of the trouble she’s had in the past with depression and alcoholism. Erica heard about TreeHouse through the treatment center she was staying at, and decided to utilize the coaching program to reach her goals. After two semesters of being a coaching student and attending Yavapai College, Erica was able to transfer to Arizona State where she is currently a junior pursuing a degree in Communications. Erica has been working with us since June 2017 and absolutely loves it. Erica really enjoys watching the students grow in their academics and recovery and being able to help them along the way.

Casey O'Connor

Academic Coach

Casey is an Academic Coach for Treehouse in Tempe. Casey’s primary purpose is to guide struggling individuals through the process of integrating themselves back into school.

After completing high school, Casey took several years off in order to pursue a career as a self-employed entrepreneur, but he quickly found that a college degree was a necessity in order to find success. He returned to school at the age of 26, and found the process difficult, but at that time, he had individuals in his life who assisted him with the transition. If it were not for these individuals, it is his strong belief that he would not have been successful, which is what brought him to Treehouse. Casey is currently in his senior year of college at Arizona State University pursuing an undergraduate degree in psychology, and plans on furthering his education in the field of social work, which highlights his strong passion for helping others.

Casey loves his job due to the fact that he has the ability to assist struggling individuals with their transition back into school, thus paving a pathway of success in regards to their future. Casey believes that we are unlike any other establishment due to the fact that we, as employees, have compassion towards those who we help, which is why he loves TreeHouse.

Jeffrey Briggs

Jeffery is a Student Life Coordinator for TreeHouse in Prescott. Jeffrey loves working with others, especially in recovery, and knew that this was a gift that came natural to him. TreeHouse presented Jeffrey with the perfect opportunity to be of maximum service to our students, and he believes TreeHouse is the best place for a student who has lost hope and just needs a little TLC to get back on the success train.

Jeffrey thinks that being able to work with such a wonderful team is the best part about his job, and what he enjoys the most. Jeffrey also loves that TreeHouse provides structures, teaches our student how to be disciplined, and shows our students how to have fun while pursuing an education.

Jeffrey’s passions include raising his son Jordan, pursuing a degree in Dentistry, and helping other. Jeffrey is working very hard each day to make his dreams turn into a reality. Jeffrey is currently enrolled at Yavapai College and will be transferring to Northern Arizona University in the spring of 2019.