TreeHouse Team 8 Guiding Principles The BloomTree Partnership

Mission Statement

Our mission at the TreeHouse is to create and sustain a safe, supportive, lively community where students develop a passion for recovery, ongoing self discovery, education, personal challenge and contribution to the lives of others.

The TreeHouse Learning Community is a unique program developed by a team of approximately 100 professionals in the fields of recovery, education, art, business, leadership and medicine.

The idea for the TreeHouse Learning Community arose from the practical experience of many of these professionals who recognized the need for a program that assisted young adults in recovery to enter or re-enter higher education in a safe learning environment.

These talented individuals collaborated for over three years to develop an innovative learning environment that prepares young adults in recovery for future success in higher education as well as in other areas of their lives.

The TreeHouse Learning Community is a small, co-educational residence and study support program for college students, ages 18-30, who are committed to a path of recovery, self-discovery and higher education.

The primary purpose of the TreeHouse is to help our students stay connected to their own recovery and their sober peers while successfully entering or returning to college life. The TreeHouse’s defining feature is its commitment to assisting sober students in identifying their passion and talents and using that passion to guide and energize their studies and direct them onto their path ahead.

Our students attend courses at one of the colleges or universities located within a 5 miles radius of TreeHouse.

Local higher education institutions are Prescott College, Yavapai College, Northern Arizona University—Prescott Campus, Old Dominion University and Embry Riddle Aeronautical University.