Transition Prescott, Arizona Travel

A key part of the TreeHouse program is travel.

We visit amazing locations within the beautiful state of Arizona and travel to far away destinations overseas.  We love adventure!  Travel gives our students a chance to meet new people and learn about other cultures.

It also gives them opportunity to see themselves in a new way.  Our students have the amazing opportunity to travel providing them the opportunity to see new exciting places. During each academic break we plan trips as a community.

These trips include:

  • Hiking in Sedona
  • Camping in Moab & Bryce Canyon
  • Snowboarding in Flagstaff
  • Spring Break in San Diego
  • 12 Step Conferences throughout the west

In addition to these trips around throughout the west, students also have the opportunity to travel overseas.

These trips may be sponsored by TreeHouse or one of our partners.  These are sober trips and offer students a safe but exciting chance to see places they may not have even heard of.

We have traveled to:

  • Tibet
  • Costa Rica
  • England
  • Kino Bay, Mexico

A Testimonial

“I had the opportunity to travel to Tibet with Meg Ferrigno and a group of six other students in July of 2011.

Our destination was a small Tibetan village and monastery named Gargon. Our goal was to gain insight into authentic Tibetan culture, education, food, and spirituality. To say that the experience far exceeded my wildest expectations would be an understatement.

We were welcomed by the people of Gargon and had the privilege of making our home in the 200 year-old monastery for the duration of our trip. We awoke each morning to yoga and meditation overlooking misty mountain ranges 14,000 feet in elevation. Living amidst centuries of Buddhist history and culture made every day feel sacred.

Tibetan language classes taught by Meg and a former Tibetan monk named Jamyang helped to ease the language barrier enough that we could communicate with the students and families of Gargon. And, the schoolteachers were as excited to learn about Western culture as we were to experience theirs!

Whenever language challenges arose, Meg was there to translate and explain. Having previously lived and studied in Gargon, Meg’s fluency in Tibetan language and local culture made her the perfect teacher and group leader.

Among our many unforgettable adventures, a few that stand out include a full day dirt-bike ride through the Himalayas, teaching local students the English alphabet, cooking Momos (Tibetan dumplings), and participating in a Chenrezig empowerment ceremony by lama Gar Mingyur Rinpoche! In addition, we were able to locate some Nomadic families and observe their building, herding, and survival techniques.

It was a real lesson in the value and beauty of living simply and honoring tradition. On the other hand, it gave us all a greater understanding of and appreciation for the modern amenities we so often take for granted in the United States.

I will never forget my adventure in Tibet. The gifts of such an amazing experience continue to reveal themselves to me and impact my daily life. I am forever grateful to Meg and the people of Gargon for facilitating such a wonderful trip.”