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During a transition, young adults new to recovery are especially vulnerable.

A number of factors seem to have stacked the odds against them:

  • They lack knowledge and experience of practicing sobriety and recovery outside of treatment.
  • They lack experience successfully navigating academics while remaining sober.
  • They lack knowledge and experience about basic skills for life and school.
  • They need relationships or personal support outside of the family and/or treatment facility.

At the TreeHouse Learning Community, we’ve found that actions taken in the first few days, weeks and months of transition directly impact eventual success or failure.

We can both reduce failure rates and accelerate transitions by taking a thoughtful and systematic approach—an approach that begins before the student arrives.

In the pre-enrollment time period students experience and participate in:

  • Completing an application
  • Visiting TreeHouse, colleges and attending 12 step meetings
  • Exploring academic options and areas of study
  • Identifying passions and interests that motivate learning
  • Spending time with other students and staff at TreeHouse to begin establishing rapport and connection
  • Reviewing and agreeing to our Student Contract

The TreeHouse Transition Program
Upon entering TreeHouse, students have established connections and a basic understanding of our structure, support and guidelines for success.

This process reduces some of the anxiety of the unknown and gives the student a roadmap for their first 30 days.

The 3 main areas of transition focus are:

  1. Learning: Gathering information necessary to understand the place and the nature of the situation one is transitioning into is a key factor in successful transitions. At TreeHouse, we assist each student in developing an understanding of their current situation, accounting for the progress they have made and assessing the challenges and adventures that lie ahead.
  2. Building a support network: Prior to arriving and throughout a student’s time at treehouse, a primary goal is to develop an “A Team” of advisors, peers and friends who will help support and guide the student through transitions, challenges and decisions.
  3. Direction Setting: A key component of the TreeHouse program is envisioning a direction and path for studies and career. We assist students in connecting their learning to their passions and their larger goals, allowing them to create new and exciting possibilities for themselves.