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TreeHouse is a unique collegiate recovery program. Central to our mission is helping students identify and experience their passions.

For many of our students, the experience of addiction has closed doors to the dreams and opportunities they once had. At TreeHouse we want to reopen those doors and discover new ones.

TreeHouse is a place for young men and women to come together and share ideas, support and learning.


We value the power of a community and the gifts of each individual. No student’s program is exactly the same. Each student comes to us with unique experiences and abilities. We want to help build on these strengths and help develop new skills that will lead to better relationships, increased confidence, and a higher level of competence in school, recovery and life.

Students who enter our community have an ambition for recovery and learning. They also know they need support around them to set and achieve their goals. A willingness to risk, a desire to learn and commitment to growth are necessities at TreeHouse.

Our students are looking for excitement and challenge. They have often worried that in recovery their life will become stagnant and boring. That is not the case. At TreeHouse life can be very exciting and extremely active.

We want to assist students in becoming both more connected and more autonomous. To accomplish this we provide the structure and opportunity to learn study skills, self-management and how to live in recovery.

Through the structure of daily life students learn to improve their ability to manage time, money and relationships; including those with family, friends, roommates, and loved ones.