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TreeHouse Learning Community in Tempe:  Serving college students in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction and substance use disorders.

Located within walking distance of ASU’s Tempe campus, TreeHouse Learning Community is the ideal destination for ASU students seeking recovery housing and support.

With over 200 12-step meetings in Tempe alone, and hundreds of other meetings in the neighboring cities of Mesa, Scottsdale and Phoenix, Tempe is also a great place for a young adult to be in recovery. Most 12-step fellowships also offer conventions and gatherings, bringing people from across the state and beyond to engage in recovery fun and support.

Are you looking for support, connection and incredible sobriety? TreeHouse offers a space and a way for students to share the experience of recovery.

At TreeHouse you will find:

  • 12-step meetings and information on other great meetings in the area
  • Sober living
  • Academic support
  • Recovery support
  • Sober study halls
  • The TreeHouse Collegiate Recovery Center

If you are an ASU student looking for a place to connect with other sober students, get support, and have an incredible collegiate experience in sobriety contact us for more information.

For more information on 12-step meetings, click here.