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We're not treatment!

TreeHouse Learning Community is not treatment.

We do not have medical or therapeutic staff. TreeHouse is a collegiate recovery residence.

We offer support to young adults in recovery making the transition from treatment to college. This support is in the form of mentoring, structure and accountability.

How we differ from treatment and even extended care is we work with students to create their own lives as opposed to fitting into a predetermined schedule.

At TreeHouse, we offer structure early on that helps students maintain the momentum and healthy habits they developed in treatment.

This includes getting enough sleep, getting up at a reasonable hour, connecting with peers, going to meetings, eating well and exercising. The transition from treatment to sober living can be overwhelming; having a consistent routine helps minimize the anxiety that comes with more freedom.

As a bridge to long-term recovery and academic success, our sober dorms provide structure that eases students back into the “real world.”

This includes a curfew, graduated use of cell phones and computers and an orientation period that helps acquaint students with the area and our community.