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Sending your child off to college is both thrilling and stressful for any parent. If you’ve lived through addiction with your child, it can be downright terrifying.

Parents of addicts and alcoholics have witnessed their sons or daughters disappear in front of their eyes. They’ve been lied to, stolen from, manipulated, leaned on and pushed away.

Treatment often means the first good night sleep a parent has had in years.

Leaving treatment is unsettling. Walking out those doors opens up a world of potential risk and relapse. The additional risk of heading to college can be overwhelming for many students and their parents.

TreeHouse offers a bridge.

TreeHouse offers a bridge...

It is a place for students to explore and reintegrate into collegiate life at a lower risk to themselves and their families.

At TreeHouse, young men and women learn to find their footing in recovery and as students again.

We specialize in collegiate recovery. Specifically, we help students make the transition out of treatment by helping them navigate the unique challenges of early recovery and college.

These challenges include:

  • Finding a sponsor
  • Meeting other young people in recovery
  • Choosing appropriate meetings
  • Sticking to a program
  • Filling out applications and forms
  • Meeting deadlines
  • Social anxiety
  • Perfectionism
  • Learning issues
  • Fears about damage they have done to their brains
  • Attending school for the first time without study drugs

TreeHouse helps parents navigate this transition as well.

Parents are uncertain about how much they can and should trust their child, how to communicate, handle money and travel. These are realistic and reasonable concerns.

During a student’s enrollment at TreeHouse, parents can participate in regular calls aimed at helping them resolve these concerns and learn new ways to interact with their child.

These calls offer parents the opportunity to understand their son/daughter in new ways. Through this process, parents have a partner as they navigate the challenging process of parenting a young adult who may still lack the maturity and experience needed for completely independent living.