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EEG biofeedback training, neurofeedback training, neurotraining, or neurotherapy are terms used for a procedure that promotes desirable brainwave patterns through the use of electroencephalography (EEG) and operant conditioning techniques.

A descendant of biofeedback that taught individuals how to control physiological functions such as heart rate and muscle tension, neurotherapy is used to “train” individuals to self-regulate their brain wave activity for improved brain functioning.

Neurofeedback provides the central nervous system (CNS) with moment-by-moment feedback on real-time CNS activity. The brain can be trained to use this information to improve mental performance, health, and well-being. Neurofeedback training has been proven to be effective in treating the anxiety that often contributes to alcohol and drug abuse.

At TreeHouse, we offer neurofeedback as part of our program.

Students participate in 16 sessions of neurofeedback as part of their enrollment at TreeHouse.

Our students have found this to be a highly effective method to decrease the anxiety and fear often experienced in transitions to new places and starting school again.

We do not claim that neurofeedback will reduce cravings for drugs or alcohol. However, we do believe it can be helpful in addressing the underlying conditions that contribute to addiction, relapse and difficulty learning.