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The TreeHouse Learning Community is located in the rural community of Prescott, Arizona.

Through a unique set of circumstances, Prescott has become known throughout the country as a center for recovery.

Having the support of a community of peers in recovery is essential to sustaining sobriety. Prescott has an unusually high number of young people in recovery and hosts more youth-oriented sober events than most communities.

This helps young people in recovery to feel much more connected to a 12 step fellowship.


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A TreeHouse Alum Describes Her Experience

The recovery in Prescott is one of the major draws to the area.

The fellowship and young people’s community is without comparison. There is a welcoming energy that attracts people in and makes them want to say.

There are hundreds of young people that are all working together towards a common goal—to stay sober and still go through and experience all of what the late teens and 20’s bring without feeling different. The main motto is to have fun without having to pick up a drink or a drug.

What enticed me immediately was that everyone knew each other’s name and hugged at the larger meetings like Prescott Group (P. Group) and Saturday Night Live (SNL). Everyone was smiling and happy to see one another.

The energy in the bigger meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous is intense. At Prescott Group, hundreds of young people cheer on and applaud their fellow members as they accumulate sobriety time with chips. It is comforting and inspiring to see the same people picking up a chip month after month. When going to fellowship, with these people there was nothing but laughter and many numbers being exchanged for coffee dates.

“Coffee Dates” is the young people in AA’s main focus. One person is likely to get bombarded with numbers, and sitting down with people in the program getting coffee is one of the great things about Prescott A.A. Coffee dates allow people to connect on a deeper individual level.

Eventually, you learn more and more people’s names and faces, and coming to a meeting is like entering a room full of support and friends. We know each other immediately because we are here for a single purpose—to stay sober no matter what.

A vital part of recovery is feeling like we finally belong somewhere. We meet people who are genuine and going through or have gone through exactly what we are.

Seeing young people get sober and get more time is what kept me going in the beginning. If they can do it, so can I. I learned I am never too young to get sober. I am surrounded by people that want me to succeed and make it, and there is no better feeling.

There are young people’s dances and events that also allow us to come together and let loose without having to be intoxicated. In fact I’ve found that they are a lot more fun and meaningful for me because we are all being ourselves, and learning to be okay with that.