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At TreeHouse, students have the opportunity to deepen their recovery in a peer-supported setting.

Learning to live and thrive in recovery takes support and community. The TreeHouse Learning Community fosters success in sobriety by coaching each student to develop a practice of recovery.

Our belief is that active participation in a 12 Step recovery program provides the opportunity to experience freedom, joy and success. It is the common experience that bonds our community and opens doors to a larger world.

At TreeHouse, we live extraordinary lives. We work hard, play hard, and have incredible friends enjoying unbelievable adventures.

Recovery at TreeHouse is different. However, different does not mean bad, boring or limited.

At TreeHouse we are part of the recovery communities in Prescott and Tempe, Arizona. Young, vibrant communities that like to have a good time. We have found young people doing amazing things with their lives in both locations. People we want to know and be around, people who teach us, share with us and make our lives better.

So what does it mean to be fully engaged in recovery?

For us it means learning to create a program outside of treatment that supports sobriety instead of settling for abstinence.

We believe actively working the 12 steps allows each of us to grow personally, intellectually and spiritually. It gives us principles to live by and connects us to a community in which we experience a true sense of belonging. It means doing things that aren’t always easy, learning to be humble and walking through fear.