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Some students entering TreeHouse would describe themselves as “underachievers” or as “not living up to their potential,” when in reality, they’re bright, engaging young people who lack certain essential skills required for academic success.

In addition to this, many students have a fear of failure that prevents them from initiating and/or completing work.

For high-achieving students, a common fear is that their talent and achievement weren’t real. They worry that without drugs or alcohol they may not be able to reach the same level of success. These perfectionistic attitudes can be paralyzing.

With guidance from those who have conquered these same fears, students are able to once again find their passion for learning.

Academic Mentoring

How TreeHouse Helps

At TreeHouse, we walk through the process with the students.

First, we address the tasks that quickly overwhelm and frustrate students, preventing them from entering the classroom. These tasks include requesting transcripts, filling out applications and forms, meeting with advisors, choosing the appropriate classes and course-load and completing registration.

Next, we tackle helping students figure out where their classes are and assist them in overcoming the initial panic and fear that prevent them from actually walking into the classroom.

Finally, we work with students to begin to identify and practice the behaviors that will lead to success in their courses.

Whether they are learning certain study skills for the first time or stepping back into an area of strength, our students benefit from conscious attention to the idea they are once again a student.

This identity shift follows a period of time during which they identified themselves as the problem or as a phony. Successful reintegration to college is an important step in developing a new truth and reality for themselves and gaining the confidence to take healthy risks.

Academic Mentoring at TreeHouse includes:

  • Weekly meeting with Academic Coach
  • Assistance with transcript requests, application and registration
  • Degree planning
  • Editing and Writing Support
  • Monitoring of progress and grades
  • Guidance in finding on-campus support & service
  • Study Skills and Student Success training
  • Assistance communicating with professors
  • Quarterly Academic Reports from the Academic Mentor