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Whether attending college for the first time or returning after a leave of absence, TreeHouse can help.

With access to local colleges and universities, TreeHouse assists their students in crafting the educational path that is right for them. The diversity of options allows for an individualized plan that can grow and evolve with the student.

Students early in their recovery face numerous challenges, including fears about their ability to succeed without “study drugs”, cognitive damage from substance use, social pressures and balancing their education with their recovery. These fears and the challenges of simply filling out applications, requesting transcripts and navigating financial aid keep many young people out of the classroom.

When and if they do get into school, the old feelings can quickly overwhelm them. Most of these young men and women know that without a program of recovery they will not remain sober.

The same is true in their education. Without steps to follow, their education and sobriety are in jeopardy. We understand the obstacles the newly sober student faces and we provide the appropriate coaching and guidance to help them succeed.

Collegiate Recovery

The Current Situation

The problem is that college campuses are challenging places for people still new to recovery.

The culture of drinking and the availability of both illicit and prescription drugs make it nearly impossible for students who want to remain clean and sober. These are some of the staggering statistics for college students and campuses:

For those students whose addiction began on a college campus, returning to college is dicey.

A person who becomes addicted on a college campus is constantly exposed to the environmental cues of his or her initial drug or alcohol use. Exposure to those cues automatically triggers cravings that can lead to relapses.

At TreeHouse we offer students a safe haven away from the intensity of the college scene. While our program provides a safe distance from what may feel chaotic, the greatest value we offer is the community of peers and mentors that offer friendship and guidance.